Mythos, Passion and Nerd Night

You may remember me mentioning Hive Dalston before. I’ve given several talks and workshops there, having been invited to exhibit and been impressed by the space and the lovely people running it. It’s a really cool project, an evolution of the free community centre, reusing empty buildings and wasted resources to create an independent ecological and cultural social space that injects community and creativity into the local area.

I was invited to do a talk there at Nerd Night on November 12th and again to do a talk last week.  Nerd Night is what it says on the tin, a time and place for people to get together and delve into the details of particular topics. For a Nerd it is the particulars that matter. The theme last week was “Passion”, and there were a few of us there to talk about our passions (hula hooping was very fun!). For myself it was, of course, art and philosophy, fitting in very nicely with what I had been talking about at the previous meet up – the concepts of Mythos and Logos. Of course, the particulars of those topics could be talked about forever, so rather than talk about my personal passion for art and philosophy, I decided to tackle passion itself from that point of view, discussing the views of a few favourite philosophers about passion, the implications of this and the ways I feel passion can be used as a basis for self and cultural transformation, by becoming a primal and powerful source of wisdom.

For me, the image above is a portrait of passion. In the next few blogs I will be exploring this in more detail, covering the areas I addressed in my talks, as well as some of the points that came up in discussion after. Watch this space.



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