Fairy Glen

“How beautiful they are, the lordly ones
Who dwell in the hills, in the hollow hills.”

From ‘The Faery Song’ by Fiona Macleod

Up a hilly road just outside of Uig is a place known as the Fairy Glen. It is exactly that. I went on a lovely sunny late winter afternoon and felt like I had found home.

I had heard of the Fairy Glen the first time I went to Skye, but failed to find it on that trip. This time I was determined and it transpired that previously I had missed a turn. I guess I had yet to be invited. This time I felt very welcome.


It is claimed that this wonderful miniature landscape of grassy, cone-shaped hills, was formed by a series of landslides (smaller than the landslips that formed the Storr and the Quiraing) that were then smoothed by later glaciation. Obviously that’s nonsense; it was clearly made by fairies.

Taking centre stage is Castle Ewen, a fairy fort. Yes, an actual fairy fort. It is as awesome as it sounds. From the top there are large waterfalls visible in the distance, while a smaller one bubbles away nearby. All around I found offerings of shiny things that had been left for the Little People. Interesting to see that modern people, people who have access to wifi and Nando’s, still feel the need to honour supposedly mythical beings like fairies. Maybe we still need them.

Maybe in spite of society’s desire to cleanse our minds of anything other than the allegedly concrete and control our hearts with meaningless baubles, we will always know there are unknowable things and have a certain love and respect for that which we can never possess.


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  1. Glad that you felt invited this time :). I think any natural place or place of pilgrimage needs to be asked to enter, “knock and the door will open!”. I think deep within our hearts we all desire myth, legend and fantasy and the archetypes of ‘place’. It is embedded deep within our cellular and cosmic memories. It is those people who refuse to enter these realms – denial, greed, skeptisism and such- who lose out on deeper connections and fertile imaginations! Love your illustration of your interconnection to thus…:)

    • Yes, people can really lose out on something when they block these experiences out. A real shame. I’m glad I feel free to enter 🙂

      I’m trying to develop a looser and more relaxed approach with my sketching and illusrations like these have been a fun way to experiment 🙂

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