Golden Eagles at the Oyster Shed

“Seven herrings are a Salmon’s fill,
Seven Salmon are a Seal’s fill,
Seven Seals are a Whale’s fill,
Seven Whales are the fill of a Cirein Croin*
And seven Cirein Croin are the fill of the Big Devil himself.

From Campbell’s ‘Superstitions of the Scottish Highlands and Islands’
*Sea Serpent

Something I love doing while travelling is trying out the local food. I also love sea food. This makes Skye pretty heavenly for me. The Oyster Shed is a must if you are visiting Skye and have a taste for seafood or game. A small farm shop and takeaway by Carbost, what it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in quality food. Getting there also involves going by Talisker Distillery. Having tried a dram or two (okay, probably a good few more than that!) I may have discovered my all time favourite whisky.


Everything I bought from the Oyster Shed was divine. The smoked salmon in particular. The takeaway seafood was also fabulous, so fabulous in fact I went back for a second course to take away with me. This was a very good idea, as on my way back to the car I spotted two Golden Eagles flying quite close by. I watched them for about an hour. What could be better than this?


The scenery around Carbost, as with virtually everywhere on Skye, was beautiful. Nearby is Glen Brittle, where you can enjoy stunning views of the Black Cuilin and venture to the Fairy Pools – unfortunately the weather had turned a bit nasty by the time I got there and I decided to go home and curl up with a dram.

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