The Quiraing

“And the big hills up behind it, like the monarchs of the land
Sitting throned above the waters, dreaming…hand in hand…”
From ‘The Glen of Dreams’ by Lauchlan Maclean Watt

The first time I visited Skye I passed through the Quiraing in a mist and saw absolutely nothing of it. As someone else was in the driver’s seat that time I got plenty of opportunity to take a good look at the big grey nothing too. The ride was fairly unpleasant, on worn out single track roads winding up and down hills in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. I’m so glad I went again.


With blue skies above the Quiraing is a stunningly beautiful place. A pleasant drive too.

It is said that the lack of myths and stories about the Quiraing can be attributed to parts of it being of such evil nature that none have escaped to tell the tale. Quite a yarn, that one!


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