The Flow Country Needs You: Update


The fight continues to protect this nationally and internationally important habitat:

A spokesman for RSPB Scotland said: “It is very disappointing that SSE continue to push for a windfarm on this wholly unsuitable site.  We need renewables, including windfarms, to reduce the damaging environmental effects of climate change but there is no point building them if they are going to destroy the natural environment they are intended to protect.  A windfarm here would not only be very bad news for bird species such as greenshank and hen harrier, it would also undermine efforts to protect and restore damaged areas of the Flow Country peat bogs.  RSPB Scotland will therefore be doing everything we can to stop this destructive development from progressing.  We would encourage everyone who cares about this special place to register their objections with Scottish Ministers and to consider whether they may wish to come along to any of the inquiry sessions.”

If you have yet to register your objection please do:


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