Hen Harrier Day

Today is Hen Harrier Day. A day primarily about raising awareness of wildlife crime and the persecution of a protected bird of prey. The Hen Harrier, also known as the Skydancer, should be a common and widespread bird of prey in the UK. But intensive management of upland areas and relentless persecution for the sake of driven grouse shooting has driven these birds to near extinction in England, where just three pairs bred in 2014, while there is habitat for 962-1285 more pairs in Scotland. But they are missing and we know why.

The illegal killing of these beautiful birds must stop. Support Hen Harrier Day!

Hen Harrier Day Overview: http://birdersagainst.org/hen-harrier-day-overview/

Petition to ban driven grouse shooting in the UK: https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/65627


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