In June my lovely brother invited me to go to Tenerife with him. I was drunk on sunshine from the moment we arrived. It was beautiful, and the wildlife, scenery and local people were fabulous. I toured the island by boat and coach, and particularly enjoyed the local food and drink – lots of sea food and just about everything you can do with banana. Going through Teide National Park and up Teide itself, the volcano at the centre of the island, as well as crossing The Las Cañadas Caldera beneath it, was particularly fun. The views were fantastic. At sea I saw Short-Fin Pilot Whales, a Fin Whale, Green Sea Turtles, Flying Fish, Bottlenose Dolphins, and masses of Cory’s Shearwater.

While lounging by the pool I was kept company by more familiar creatures, House Sparrows, Swifts and Collared Doves, as well as other tourists (I have never seen so many bad tattoos in one place). And I did quite a bit of lounging. All that sun worship wasn’t going to do itself…

While I was there I read a biography of the artist Rosaleen Norton, ‘Homage to Pan’ by Nevill Drury, and re-read ‘Mastery’ by Robert Green. I found both books very inspiring and ‘Homage to Pan’ gave the whole adventure a very magical vibe. I did quite a bit of sketching and some writing too:

Running Birds | Sunburn | Sketches 1-7


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