Art Conspiracy?

If anyone can debunk this I would be very interested, in the meantime I shall view it as plausible:


I never liked Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and their ilk, that sort of bullshit art really doesn’t do it for me, seems like laziness and naked profiteering on the part of the artist, and although I do manage to find good modern art every now and then I still do not think there has been a decent art movement since the surrealists, an art movement with the stated goal of carrying people into an unimaginable world. Pretty politically dangerous, much like alternative spirituality, philosophy and the generally psychedelic, such art gives people ‘funny ideas’ and governments don’t tend to like that, whereas bullshit art in no way attacks the status quo or encourages us to really think, two of the many things art can do oh so well.

Visionary art could be a great art movement, perhaps it will be, only time will tell.


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