They say forgiveness is incredibly important in order to be able to move on from things, what they don’t tell you is it’s not about forgiving the ones who hurt you, they don’t actually matter. It’s about forgiving yourself. Acknowledging your mistakes and vulnerabilities and growing stronger because of that is a powerful way to move forward. Understanding that your problems with other people or the world may have far more to do with your own expectations can empower you to change those expectations, to concentrate on those things you can control. You can always change you and alter how you perceive, and in doing so change the role you play in the world. Stop playing the games that harm you and start playing the games that bring you happiness.

Only you can hurt you, so only you need your forgiveness, but also thanks, for pointing out quite clearly the people you should never allow to influence your emotions, and also for moving yourself closer to a state of peaceful detachment by revealing to yourself your own power. So when you forgive yourself thank yourself too – because you’re awesome.


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