I’ve been a very busy girl the last few months. Not sure where to start. I haven’t updated since the beginning of May… bad me. Well, I’ve been all over the place, from Brighton to Ben Hope, Britain’s northern most Munroe.

While I was on the north coast not only did I go swimming in the North Atlantic on the hottest day of the year, I also ventured into Britain’s largest and longest inhabited cave: Smoo Cave.

I’ve been fascinated by cave art and primitivism since I started studying art history, and I even got to talk about this fascination recently, at PaganCon in Preston as part of a talk on Art and Consciousness (more about that in another post). So it was wonderful to visit this particular cave again and get to take the boat into the main chamber. Alas, there are no cave paintings there, but I did find a deep feeling of familiarity.

This was all in the very small amount of time off I’ve actually had lately… Between work, family crisis, invites to events, courses and volunteering I’ve been run off my tiny feet. More updates soon.


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