Season’s Greetings!

I hope you’re all enjoying the winter festivities and just generally having a good time. Besides working on art as usual I’ve been busy making, buying and wrapping gifts as well as making decorations. We decided to do a bit of decorating this year, but wanted to do it using local natural materials, so we went out and gathered various windfalls of pretty things from the woods and I arranged them into decor that will look (and smell) lovely while it lasts and go into the compost in the New Year. We also decided to use my pot plant as the tree (known as Cedric, he has been my little green friend since I rescued him from a freezer in a supermarket when I was at university. Never expected him to get so big…), giving things a Caribbean vibe (there’s even little wooden parrots hanging from his leaves). Dushka of course ‘helped’ me with my wrapping and thoroughly ‘tested’ the decor…

I did two paintings for the neighbours, which I enjoyed very much. One of Mrs Doyle, the hen we share, who has decided to take up residence in our neighbours’ living room whenever possible and has even been known to lay her eggs in their bed, and even once on someone’s lap (I kid you not). The other is of one of our neighbours feeding the hens when there were more of them, he used to do this every lunch time and I really enjoyed watching. I also did a new pic for this year’s card featuring a lynx.

So, have a fabulous Xmas/Winter Festival of your choice/couple of days and a great New Year! And we shall see what January has in store for us 🙂



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