Fantasy A-Z

Inspired by ImagineFX Magazine, I decided a couple of weeks ago to give myself a new side project to bulk out my portfolio. I made a list of legendary creatures from A to Z and tasked myself with producing at least one sketch a day of each one. I’m doing well so far, having sketched all the way up to N, and painted full pieces to E (and L for some reason). I want to do them all as at least full colour sketches eventually, some I want to go a bit further with, and I’m sure you’ll agree they’re worth it… And for some I want to do more than one creature for the letter, and others I want to do more than one version of the creature, so this is all giving me plenty to do between other things (can you say ‘Artemis’? Oh, and I’m also working on another book cover, yay!).

So here’s A to E, and L, and I will update again when I have another batch done. Enjoy 🙂



  1. I love your Aspicochelone! Reminds me of the North American Earth Mother myth, representing the Earth as a huge turtle carrying us and supporting us. We’re not so good at supporting her :(. There are lots of myths associated with turtles, such as in Asia, in which the shell was a symbol of heaven and the carapace was a symbol of Earth, thus an invitation for the blessings of both heaven and earth. In Japan there is the tale of Urashima, who finds true love with the help of a turtle. In Nigeria it was a symbol of female sexual organs and sexuality… Love the primal Mother symbology. Anyways, you did an excellent job, it’s lovely :).

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