Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice

Well actually it does. Weeks ago the phone line here was struck during a fairly spectacular storm, which took out the router and my desktop computers power supply. A replacement router was sent, eventually, and I replaced the power supply. After much time spent on the phone to technicians we got the router working. Then lightning struck the phone line again, the same pole just outside the house, taking out the router again, but not my computers or anything else as they were unplugged. There are surge protectors on the phone line and the plugs, but they don’t seem to do anything to protect against lightning strikes, possibly because these were so close. Anyway, after a battle with Virgin they finally sent another router, with more time on the phone to technicians ensuing again today, and now I’m back again, and quite happy that none of my hard drives were affected by any of this… Not impressed by Virgin customer services, who said they were sending the router and then didn’t, twice, and were generally full of it. The tech support guys were lovely though.

Anyway, if anyone has been wondering why I’ve been so quiet over the last few weeks, that was one part of it. The other part was that I was off for four and a half days walking the Great Glen Way. More on that in another blog. Right now I’m off to scan in a load of the sketches I’ve been working on during my cyber purgatory, and get a few new pieces finished up…


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