From Brighton to Ben Nevis

So, I’ve been a busy girl recently. Took a bit of time out to help with family in London, there’s not the time or space for art while I’m there, and in many ways it feels like self indulgence in that environment, which may be why I’m always more prolific away from home. I also had a horrible cold for about two weeks on this particular visit, which didn’t help anything! Anyway, while I was there, apart from visiting the Tate Modern for the first time in over a decade, I took a trip down to Brighton to visit a friend. I’d never been to Brighton before, and I really enjoyed it there, despite how packed out it was with other people, something I usually find so stressful it could ruin almost anywhere. Somehow it worked in Brighton, maybe it was because the weather was so nice, or maybe it was because everyone seemed to be having a good time. In any case I had fun visiting lots of knick knack shops and had a fabulous lunch at a lovely little health food restaurant called Infinity Foods. Yum! It certainly seemed that if you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just health conscious, there were loads of places to eat. There were also loads of different teas on offer in many cafes’, as well as some great chocolate shops.

The beach and the pier were alright, but what I really enjoyed was the graffiti (which I indulged in a little myself) and the overall atmosphere of the city. It felt very carefree and relaxed. The guys on bicycles dressed as fairies were very cool too!

Brighton 1

Brighton 2
Brighton 3
Brighton 4
Brighton 5
Brighton 6
A few days after Brighton I got the train back up to Scotland with my brother Tom (AKA Fallout Panda). We met up with my boyfriend Paul, headed up to Fort William and climbed the highest mountain in Britain: Ben Nevis.

We stayed at the Chase The Wild Goose Hostel for two nights, the night before and the night after. The pine bunk beds were comfy, and overall the hostel had good facilities for what we paid, and did continental breakfast for not much extra.

When we went up Ben Nevis we had wanted to go the way that took us across a ridge and another peak before the summit, but the weather was not on our side, so we had to take the safer option. This turned out to be a physically exhausting slog up a zig-zag of rocky pathways that made me feel like I was walking barefoot by the time we made it back down. The last third to the top was the hardest, not because I was tired, which I was, but because the weather had turned. There were a number of gusts from which I had to crouch and stay low for a while, as they felt like they could easily pick me up, and the rain and freezing fog made it quite tempting to turn back, but we made it eventually. The top was freezing, we were soaked and could barely see ahead of us, and the summit was nearly completely buried under snow, so we didn’t stick around very long! All in all though it was an amazing experience, and I’m glad to have done it, especially in such good company.

Ben Nevis 1

Ben Nevis 2

Ben Nevis 3
Ben Nevis 4
Ben Nevis 5

And now back to my regularly scheduled arting 🙂


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