Lunchtime Visitors

I’m back in Scotland to do a number of paintings, so I’ve been catching up with all the animal antics. The sock thief, Dushka, has apparently befriended the last of the neighbours disappearing chickens. Now I know what you’re thinking, but Dushka couldn’t kill a vole let alone a large chicken. She can’t even catch garden birds, much to her annoyance. Anyway the chicken, known as Mrs Doyle for once comically falling off of the window ledge, has been coming to visit at lunchtime.

Mrs Doyle

After lunch one day last week I was looking out of the window to admire the birds at the feeders in the garden, as I usually do, and happened to see a large odd looking bird in among the daffodils. It jumped up onto the fence and I was pleased as anything with a wonderful view of a beautiful sparrow hawk. Couldn’t resist painting it.


It’s good to be back 🙂



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