1&1 Internet Epic Fail

I’m very happy with my current website. My current host has provided me with a reliable, versatile website and fantastic customer support. The complete opposite of 1&1 Internet, my previous host, who have just threatened to send my account with them to a debt collection agency and charge me £15 for the pleasure, even though I have cancelled my account and all services with them three times over a month ago, and my account no longer exists (I can no longer log in). 1&1 won’t let you cancel. That’s right. Here’s how they scam you. They have to verify that you cancelled or the cancelation expires and the account remains active. Each time I cancelled they let it expire. So long as your account remains active they automatically renew all services and charge you for them.

After several email exchanges I phoned them and politely told them to cancel my account and was assured then that it had been cancelled. I didn’t believe them, so I made sure my standing order with them was cancelled with my bank. Lo and behold I received an email telling me they had tried to take payment, but whoops! Something had gone wrong. Obviously I had made a silly mistake and would give them the money I don’t owe them for the services that I cancelled now right? No. So now they’re threatening and harassing me. Way to make your customers happy 1&1, way to make me never want to use your services ever again.

How can a company that obviously spends so much money and effort advertising how fantastic it is provide such terrible services and somehow get away with scamming thousands of customers? I know for a fact I’m far from the only person this has happened to (you have to do a bit of digging to get passed their heavy marketing and fake recommendations, shame I didn’t do this before I signed up). Oh and I haven’t even gotten into how bad their website builder is, how limited and expensive their packages are, the fact their marketing department will randomly phone you to try to get you to buy more from them but their customer service department doesn’t want anything to do with you. Whatever happened to providing a good service for fair payment? That’s what I do. It’s easy. You do what you say you’re going to do, get on with it, and get paid. Simple. But apparently 1&1 just want to skip to the getting paid part, over and over again.

I am being asked to pay for a service that I do not want and that has not been provided, or face debt collectors and legal action. Does this sound like extortion and harassment to anyone else? They are going to charge me money for not letting them take money that I don’t owe them. How has this bunch of scammers not been taken down yet?



  1. I very much doubt they’d both with debt collectors for £15, I think they’re just making empty threats to scare people into sending money they don’t really owe.

    But if you’re concerned about the situation I’d see the Citizens Advice Bureau.

    • Yeah, I think they’re making empty threats to get me to give them money I don’t owe. I’m no lawyer, but I don’t see how they have a legal leg to stand on. They’ve charged me £46 for stuff I never said I wanted and was told had been cancelled, and want to add the £15 on top of that. I’m going to make formal complaints to them, in writing, by phone and by email, demand they cancel everything as they said they would and no longer contact me. Will go to the Citizens Advice Bureau if I think they will actually try anything, but I don’t see what they can do to me apart from waste more of my time. If they keep doing that I’m going to demand an ex gratia payment without prejudice to compensate for my inconvenience.

      Horrible thing is I’ve read of them doing this to other people and charging hundreds as well as holding their domain names hostage, I’m glad I’m not in that sort of situation, but I don’t see how they are still allowed to trade with such despicable practices.

  2. They’re trying to do the same thing with me. I turned off the automatic renewal when they billed me (unexpectedly) last year for a domain I never used. I also blocked them with PayPal and they sent me a similar email. ‘oops something went wrong’. I then checked my account and they turned the automatic renewal back on. I couldn’t believe what scammers they are! I emailed them and they told me to cancel my account. I did that and my account is deleted (I can’t sign in) yet, they’re still asking for money and threatening to get debt collectors onto me. They need to be shut down. Dirty scamming crooks!

    • Make formal complaints to them, in writing, by phone and by email, detail your position, demand they cancel everything and that they no longer contact you. If they continue demand an ex gratia payment without prejudice to compensate for your inconvenience. They are utter scammers, I don’t know how they get away with it.

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