Serpents and Future Projects

I’ve been kinda quiet on updating my gallery recently. Mainly because I’ve been working with Chaos Alchemist, Author and Artist Anton Channing to fully illustrate his forthcoming book, ‘Chemical Serpents: The Symbols of Illumination’. I’ve been producing some pretty epic visionary art for this, some of my best so far I think. Can’t wait to show it off! Between that work and starting to get the hang of using a tablet I’m raring to go on so much new stuff.

For a start I will be finishing up my Egyptians series. Isis has had more work done and will be completed soon, followed by Horus, Thoth, Set and Osiris. I also plan to do some Olympian, Norse and Hindu Gods. I want to expand my fantasy portfolio, with mythical beasts and elementals, as well as characters and landscapes. I have so many ideas floating around in my head all bursting to get out!

For the future though I have something particular on my mind: Graphic Novels.



  1. Well its been a long project, and its been a pleasure working with you on it. Seems to be taking longer to finish than I expected. The last chapter really has a lot of material crammed in. Hopefully we’ll have it all nailed soon… 🙂

    • Hopefully 🙂 Can’t wait to see the final outcomes, its been a really great project to work on, such stimulating themes and ideas! And a pleasure to work with you too, Anton 🙂

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