The Kitschies’ Steampunk Evening

Architeuthis © 2012 Janice Duke

I’ve had a bit of a thing for Cephalopods since I was a kid. Fascination coupled with a strange primal terror. I’m sure there’s a Hentai joke in there somewhere. Anyway, imagine my surprise when one of my favourite authors goes and writes a very cool book involving my particular favourite: Architeuthis. Kraken by China Mieville, set in London, with a well researched occult plot, involving references to sci-fi, ancient Egypt, astral pigs, and one of my favourite places in London, the Natural History Museum. Awesome. Then the fabulous Deadly Knitshade of Whodunnknit knitted Plarchie. More awesome! Then I got an invite to The Kitschies’ Steampunk Evening, where Plarchie and China Mieville would both be in the same place, with Kraken Rum and steampunks. Say it with me: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

There were loads of other cool guests too: Deadly Knitshade herself, Gary Northfield, Alex Milway, Sarah Skeate, Nicola Tedman, Jonathan Green, Frances Hardinge, Kim Lakin-Smith, Philip Reeve, Adam Roberts, Lavie Tidhar. And lots of people turned up in fab and funny (mainly thinking of the bloke dressed as ‘golden box with top hat’ XD) costumes.

Highlights of the evening included:

*The Rum! Kraken Rum was being given away by the shot full, and it was really quite lovely. Had me stumbling around with a huge dumb grin fairly quickly.

I will eat your soul. Nom nom nom.
I will eat your soul. Nom nom nom.

*Knitting my very own soul devouring Slake Moth! With a lot of help from  Deadly Knitshade, who had a table set up with yarn eggs ready to hatch knitted abominations

*Meeting, chatting with and having my copy of Kraken signed by China Mieville!

He was really lovely, very relaxed and chatty.
He was really lovely, very relaxed and chatty.

*And nearly being devoured by Plarchie!

If the moths don't get you Plarchie will.
If the moths don’t get you Plarchie will…

What a fab evening! Thank you Kitschies! And thank you Deadly Knitshade and Gary Northfield for inviting my brother and I along 🙂

Yaaaaaaar! *Jumps into steampunk dirigible and flies away*



  1. Had some Kraken rum at a party recently. Nice stuff.

    Lots of graffiti knitting around my part of Bristol as it happens. Seen some quite fun ones at times on a certain pedestrian bridge out of Southville across the new cut.

    As for tentacle Hentai, I presume you seen my own drawings in that genre? Oh wait, maybe I said to much… 😉

    • You? Tentacle Hentai? Why does that not surprise me! XD

      I love graffiti. Cities would be covered in art of all sorts, as well as way greener, if I had my way.

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