What a year!

So 2011 has passed and we now stumble into the uncertain light of 2012. I’m feeling pretty optimistic, so if the world does end at least it won’t have been a downer for me. I’m quite proud of 2011; apart from the sheer amount of quality art I’ve been producing, most of which I have yet to be able to show off, I was published twice by Dark Age Games, featured in two online magazines, was published cover artist for Autumn Christian’s dystopian horror novel ‘The Crooked God Machine’, and am well on the way to finishing fully illustrating Anton Channing’s forthcoming occult treatise ‘Chemical Serpents’. Woohoo!

And there have been so many other things going on. The year seems to have gone so fast that I really didn’t get the chance to get the hang of this blogging thing properly and go on about it all. So I’m going to try to do better this year, and start by catching up with posting about some of last year’s news…



  1. I’m really excited by our collaboration on ‘Chemical Serpents’, as soon as I saw your art for the first time I knew you were the right person to work with on that project.

    Congratulations on your other achievements and good luck in all your projects for the coming year! Hopefully we’ll get to meet sometime soon.

    • Our collaboration on ‘Chemical Serpents’ has been some of the most enjoyable work I’ve done. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve developed as the work progressed, and its been a fantastic opportunity to get to explore those themes artistically. Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

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