Red Kite: Update

You may be pleased to hear that my efforts to fundraise for the RSPB in the aftermath of a mass poisoning incident by selling limited edition prints of a Red Kite painted especially for this purpose have been paying off so far. I have raised over £800, woohoo!

The piece has been featured on the BBC Website, in the Press and journal, and has been tweeted by Chris Packham and Mark Avery, two of my wildlife heroes!

It is on display in the hide at Argaty Red Kites, the Red Kite feeding station near Doune, Stirling; and in Pitlochry Pet Supplies, Perthshire. Hopefully helping in some way to continue to draw attention to the issue of wildlife persecution.

Every buyer so far has been very happy with their purchase. Thank you to all of you, as well as those who share this effort, your support and enthusiasm really makes this feel worthwhile.

If you or anyone you know would like one of these special prints email me at janice.duke@hotmail.co.uk

Help spread the word and together let’s make it over £1000 for the RSPB. Let’s shine a bright light in the darkness of this tragedy and show how much we love our beautiful birds.

Save Our Flows

Continuing to campaign to protect the Flow Country. So proud of you guys.

The fight continues to protect this nationally and internationally important habitat: [Click Here]

A spokesman for RSPB Scotland said: “It is very disappointing that SSE continue to push for a windfarm on this wholly unsuitable site.  We need renewables, including windfarms, to reduce the damaging environmental effects of climate change but there is no point building them if they are going to destroy the natural environment they are intended to protect.  A windfarm here would not only be very bad news for bird species such as greenshank and hen harrier, it would also undermine efforts to protect and restore damaged areas of the Flow Country peat bogs.  RSPB Scotland will therefore be doing everything we can to stop this destructive development from progressing.  We would encourage everyone who cares about this special place to register their objections.”

If you have yet to register your objection please do: [Click Here]

Janice Duke:

My entry is #3

The deadline for voting is 10pm (GMT) on Sunday 18th January 2015.

Click Here To Vote

You can see more about my entry:


Originally posted on Beltane Fire Society:

These are the submitted designs for the Beltane 2015 poster. To vote, please either click on the Facebook link below your favourite image(s) and Like the post on the BFS Facebook page OR email festival@beltane.org with the listed number of your favourite(s).

You can vote for more than one entry if you like, but please don’t vote for all of them as it is the same as not voting for any.

Clicking on an image will give you a slightly larger view.

Remember, you are not just voting for a pretty picture. You are voting for an over-all design to advertise a festival. Please consider how noticeable designs will be on a wall surrounded by other posters, how clearly information is presented and how readable text will be from a distance.

Please note some of the information presented in the designs may be subject to change before printing.


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Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a fabulous 2015! xx


Season’s Greetings

Wishing you a fab Yule and a great New Year :) x

Samhuinn 2014 Art

Inspired by the Beltane Fire Society Samhuinn Fire Festival:

A3 archive quality prints are available from me for £35, postage included (UK mainland only). Send me an email at janice.duke@hotmail.co.uk to purchase.

The sketch is available as a print worldwide via DeviantArt:

If you would like to print off either image from your home printer a donation of your choosing would be much appreciated. PayPal me at janice.duke@hotmail.co.uk

Enjoy! :)


Janice Duke:

I had a fabulous time with Nomad Photographic and friends at the 2014 Beltane Fire Society Samhuinn Fire Festival in Edinburgh. Here is his blog about the event‎:

Originally posted on Life Through The Lens:


After a trip to Edinburgh to celebrate the coming of Winter (though most people dread the winter months) I would like to share the experience. The photos were taken during the Beltane Fire Society’s parade down the Highstreet of Edinburgh. The group put a lot of work into this and work very hard and I’d highly recommend attending their events.




Firstly forget Halloween, sourced from All Hallow’s Eve which in turn is thought to be a Christianised version of the old Celtic harvest celebrations. Though many people we met on the way and around town had no idea what Samhuinn is and assumed that the wolf skin I was carrying or wearing was Halloween or a few even said Game of Thrones, they got a less than impressed response.




Samhuinn is a mystical and magical time of year, the source coming from the old Celtic Religions, celebrated by many ‘pagan’…

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